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Acrylic Intro Set - Satin (8pc)

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Mont Marte Satin Acrylics feature premium quality pigments with a smooth, medium viscosity. Completely mixable and highly versatile, satin acrylics can be used directly from the tube or diluted with up to 20% water or an acrylic medium while still holding strong color intensity. Drying quickly to a flexible semi-matte finish, Mont Marte's Satin Acrylics will not crack or become brittle over time. At the end of a painting session, simply wash up with water.


  • Titanium White
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Yellow Orange
  • Scarlett
  • Mid Green
  • Phthalo Blue
  • Purple
  • Lamp Black


Each tube is 18 mL or approximately 0.61 US fl. oz.

Safety Data Sheet available upon request.

Mont Marte Satin Acrylic paints have been tested for lightfastness to the British Blue Wool standard, with test results indicating a Level 6 (equivalent to an ASTM II) and above rating for every color in the range. Under conditions of museum exposure these satin acrylic pigments will remain unchanged for 50-100 years. Each Mont Marte Satin Acrylic paint tube includes Color Index (CI) pigment codes, and a star and moon rating to provide guidance on lightfastness and opacity.