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Pouring Acrylic Set - Marina (4pc/120mL each)

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Create stunning fluid artworks with Mont Marte's acrylic pouring paint range. This paint is pre-mixed and ready to flow! So choose your colors and get ready to see some amazing effects come to life on your canvas.


  • Ideal for acrylic pouring and fluid art
  • Pre-mixed and ready to pour
  • 4 colors (coral theme) in 120ml (4.06 US fl. oz.) easy-pour bottles
  • Smooth flow with stunning results
  • Can be mixed with silicone oil to create cells


  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Light Blue
  • Light Aquamarine


  • Add extra silicone oil to create stunning cells (ideally use heat from a blow torch for best results)
  • Mix additional pouring medium with your paints to increase flow


Paint separation may occur due to pre-mixing. Always SHAKE WELL before use.

Safety Data Sheets available upon request.