Mont Marte

Oil Pastels (24pc)

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Mont Marte Oil Pastels are rich colored drawing materials which have a soft, buttery texture. They are excellent for color blending and can be used on a wide variety of toned and textured surfaces. Oil pastels are great for making interesting designs and patterns by scratching into built up layers with a sharp tool, a technique called 'sgraffito'. They can be tinted with oil mediums or solvents to create glazes.


  • 24 High Quality Pigments
  • Soft, buttery texture
  • Excellent blending
  • Non toxic
  • 70mm (2.75 in.) sticks


  • Pastels create rich textures and colors. Try blending colors to soften and contour your artwork or using different surfaces to create unique art.
  • Mix mediums with accents of oil paint or watercolors to reinforce elements in your artwork.
  • Store completed artworks between sheets of plywood (or similar) to prevent the artwork from being damaged.


Safety data Sheets available upon request.